Upskirt Teen Phone Sex – Little Upskirt Flirt

teen upskirt, upskirt, teen pantiesYou don’t have to be a pervert to enjoy upskirt teen phone sex – but most are! That’s okay, I’ve been known to be a teen upskirt flirt who likes pervy guys. *giggle*

This is my favorite mini skirt to wear.  I love how it’s a tiny micro miniskirt and when I bend, over even just a little bit, you get a nice upskirt panty peek. I call it my miniskirt tease. *giggle*

So I strut around showing off my legs in high heels until I see a cute guy and then, oops – I drop my pencil.

When I bend over to pick it up, he gets a good upskirt peek of my white panties – provided I decided to wear panties that day. Maybe he’ll see upskirt no panties.  Oops.  I’m forgetful. *naughty smile*

What do you want to do right now?  Pull my sexy little panties aside and finger my underage pussy? Jerk off and leave cum on my panties?

Do you think this hot teen needs a smack on my bare ass? Call for teen upskirt phone sex, and maybe you’ll get your chance. 😉

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