Underage Phone Sex Fantasy – We Can Role Play Any Age

underage pussy, underage sex, cum facialI know some men think it’s gross, but usually only after they come. *giggle*  What am I talking about?  Underage phone sex fantasy, that’s what!

You’re probably a regular guy.  Maybe marries or you have a girlfriend, but really young girls, well, they catch your eye. Its not a big deal if you think about underage pussy while you jerk off.  It’s just really fun and sexy, and I like to touch myself when I talk to you too.

Okay maybe the cute girl next door is getting under your skin.  She’s always around and teasing you.  You know she’s underage and taboo, but you’ve got to get off now.  That’s where I can help you out.  Actually I’ve been the bratty underage girl next door, so I can really get into that role. Hehe

This might be the fantasy.  You want to fuck that hot little mouth then give her a cum facial. Dudes love to see your girls with cum on their face! What’s up with that anyway? *giggle* I’ll love to be the barely legal tease you know you can’t have.

Or I could be the teen slut at the mall who will do absolutely anything for those expensive jeans I have my eye on. We can sneak into the dressing room for some pre shopping fun!

Maybe I’m the underage girl who teases you by giving you a pussy flash at the beach. It’s fun making your eyes bug out of your head when you see my tiny bald little cunny and you know I did it on purpose by that little smirk on my face. Too bad the family is with you. Maybe you can “go to the ice cream stand” and have a little fun on the sly.

There’s no limit to what we can do, so if you love underage phone sex fantasy as much as I do, then I’m the girl you want to call.

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Oral Phone Sex

blonde-teen-phone-sexI like oral and oral phone sex, especially if you have a big dick.  If that’s the case you might make this teen sluts mouth water for the taste of a blow job.

What if you have a tiny dick?  I like those too, but just because they make me laugh.  I like to make fun of that small dick then maybe I’ll make you suck cock just so you realize what a real man is. If I’m in a generous mood I’ll have you on your knees eating pussy and begging to cum.

I love it when guys send me naked pictures of their dicks so I can size them up.  You know, spread them out on the bed and see just what it’s going to be for you. Will I play with my hot teen pussy, or laugh my hot ass off?

So what is your penis size?  Is it lick or laugh? LOL

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Forced Sex Phone Sex

Forced Sex Phone SexDo you ever fantasize about forced sex with a young girl? I enjoy sharing my forced sex fantasies with my callers who get off on the idea of forced sex phone sex.

I had a teenage babysitter, but she hardly payed any attention to me. She would take me to the park, and then would spend all her time texting her friends on her phone while I played with the other kids.

Some of the boys at the park were a little older than me, and dared me to take off my panties and show them my little bald pussy. I told them I would show them mine, if they showed me theirs! But a man walking his dog caught us with our pants down!

The boys ran off, but he grabbed me and demanded to know where my mother was. I told him she was working and I was there with my sitter over there on the bench. He glanced her way and saw she wasn’t paying any attention, and then pulled me back behind the bushes.

He asked if I liked looking at cocks. I didn’t know what he was talking about until he pulled out his cock and showed it to me. It was really big! Much bigger than the boys.

He said a curious little girl like me probably wouldn’t mind taking one in my mouth. I thought that sounded nasty and was going to say no, but he just grabbed the back of my head and shoved it down on his hard cock!

Before I knew it, he was force fucking my little mouth, even though I was gagging, with tears streaming down my face. He called me a dirty little slut and said that’s what happens to little sluts like me.

He just kept pumping it in and out of my mouth until he finally pulled out and sprayed sticky cum all over my little face before letting me go.

I tried to tell my sitter what had happened, but she didn’t listen at all, and just fussed at me for getting my jumper and face all sticky.

Do you have forced sex fantasies or your own or like to hear stories like the above? Forced sex phone sex is where we can play out all those taboo sexual fantasies.

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Teen Slut Phone Sex – Young Teen Slut

young cuties, schoolgirl, juicy pussyDo little cuties who spread their young cunt for you to see, give you a huge hard on?  Is it their wet pink pussy, or the nasty teen sluts dirty minds that makes you so horny? I think probably the combination of both is what gets my teen slut phone sex callers going.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a slutty teen of your own to tease and please you? Got you thinking about it, didn’t I? Maybe some teen sex with a hot teen slut is exactly what you need.

Just think about what you could have. Anything you want can be yours just for the asking. Young teen sluts like me aim to please. 😉

Maybe you’ve been thinking about how good a blowjob would feel from a horny slut; the kind that suck every drop of cum and beg you for more.

Then again, the thought of bending some little cunt over and giving her a good hard fucking is what makes you hard. After all, that’s what a young slut like me deserves anyway. I mean, I should be taught a hard lesson, right? 😉

Just the though of being rode hard and treated like the dirty little teen phone sex slut that I am makes my pussy all wet. Are all girls little teen slut whores, or is it just me? *giggles*

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Teen Slut Phone Sex


Come on, don’t be shy.  You know you love looking at hot teens and teen slut phone sex – so just admit it.

I love how you make this hot teen sluts pussy all wet; and you love my young teen voice saying the dirtiest things. 😉

I also love slutty teen schoolgirl fantasies too. I can be that teen slut who sits in front row without any panties. It’s so much fun making the hot teacher hard. *giggles*

Maybe you follow me and my slutty teen friends around the mall.  Offer to take us on a shopping spree if we text you nude teen slut pictures from the dressing room.

I bet you have some teen slut phonesex ideas too. I’d love to play them with you. After all – teen sluts like me are always horny and ready to play!

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Teen Sex Stories Phone Sex

teen-sluts-phone-sexOften my teen sex stories phone sex callers just want me to tell them a naughty story, and I’m okay with that. I have a dirty imagination and love sharing my teen sex stories.

Most of my stories involve me being a young teen. Sometimes I’m the little neighborhood slut who seduces all the daddies, and other times I’m sweet and innocent and get taken advantage of by someone much older.

Daddy daughter incest is always a favorite and I have some really hot incest stories about little girls having sex with daddy.

But if daddy-daughter sex isn’t your thing, I’ve also made up stories about the slutty babysitter who earns her payment; the little girl selling girl scout cookies trading favors to make a sale; the bad student looking for a better grade and willing to almost anything to get it; and so many others!

If you just want to tell me what type of sex story you want to hear, I’d love to make up a hot teen sex story just for you when you call me for teen phone sex!

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Cock Tease Phone Sex – Teen Cocktease

wet pussy, wet tits, puffy nipplesI know why you like cock tease phone sex. You like to watch, don’t you? Filthy pervert!

Maybe I like to be watched. Maybe I’m a teen cock tease who will give you a hard on just because I can.

You start out watching because you want to, but as I soap up my hard nipples and press my perfect ass against the glass –  you become a little less sure of yourself.  Maybe a little uncomfortable?

Maybe you want to touch this hot body?  Not gonna happen. I’m a teen cock-teaser, remember? LOL

I love it when those little sounds start to escape your lips, almost like a puppy’s whimper. How far do you suppose a young cock-teaser would have to go before it’s considered sexual torture?

I have no pity! I did it on purpose, and now you’re going to have to beg and plead and, Mmm, maybe even bribe.  😉

I’ll just be here lathering my little wet pussy, knowing you’re picking up the phone for our cocktease phone sex session.

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Upskirt Teen Phone Sex – Little Upskirt Flirt

teen upskirt, upskirt, teen pantiesYou don’t have to be a pervert to enjoy upskirt teen phone sex – but most are! That’s okay, I’ve been known to be a teen upskirt flirt who likes pervy guys. *giggle*

This is my favorite mini skirt to wear.  I love how it’s a tiny micro miniskirt and when I bend, over even just a little bit, you get a nice upskirt panty peek. I call it my miniskirt tease. *giggle*

So I strut around showing off my legs in high heels until I see a cute guy and then, oops – I drop my pencil.

When I bend over to pick it up, he gets a good upskirt peek of my white panties – provided I decided to wear panties that day. Maybe he’ll see upskirt no panties.  Oops.  I’m forgetful. *naughty smile*

What do you want to do right now?  Pull my sexy little panties aside and finger my underage pussy? Jerk off and leave cum on my panties?

Do you think this hot teen needs a smack on my bare ass? Call for teen upskirt phone sex, and maybe you’ll get your chance. 😉

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Teen Slut

teen-masturbatingWe all masturbate – but it doesn’t always have to be a solo activity. Why not indulge in some mutual masturbation phone sex for a change?

The first thing this teen slut does in the morning after waking up, is reach over and grab my vibrator and turn it on. Nothing like a morning orgasm to start the day!

Have you ever watched a teen masturbating? I spread my naked legs and hitch up my t-shirt to play with my small tits, then just relax as I press the vibe against my teen clit.

Mmm… it feels so good that I get a wet pussy almost right away. I can’t help but slip my hand down my stomach to my dripping pussy. I love the wetness as my fingers get coated in my own pussy juice.

I turn my vibe up a little higher and I lift my fingers to my mouth, tasting my own essence. I love the part right before you want to come. That in between time where you want it to happen so quickly, yet at the same time you want it to last forever. Almost like sexual foreplay.

I slip the vibe inside me and it pushes me over the edge; makes me cry out in delight as I am wracked with waves of pleasure with a gushing orgasm.

Up for a some mutual masturbation? While my vibrator orgasm is pretty good, it’s so much hotter if I have someone to share that with. Mutual masturbation phone sex would make it so much better. Let’s get off together!

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Teen Slut Phone Sex – Slutty Girls

teen slut phone sexIf you’re looking for a young slut to play out your teen slut phone sex fantasies – you’ve come to the right place. We’re all teen sluts here!

I’ve always been one of those slutty girls.  Even when I was a little girl, I used to get into trouble for letting the little boys touch my bald pussy for a quarter or a gumball.

I remember overhearing my teachers talking.  They knew I was a little slut load too.  Fine, she didn’t like me?  Well her little boy sure did!  Especially when I told him I would suck his dick for the chocolate cupcake he had in his lunch bag. *giggle*

We did it on the playground, right behind the cafeteria during lunch.  I got down on my knees and gave him a blowjob while he kept begging ‘suck my dick’. I got cupcake chocolate frosting all over his little cock! LOL

Guys are so silly.  You’ll do anything for young teen sluts, won’t you? Don’t worry, all my teen slut phone sex callers would too. Your secret is safe with me. 😉

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