Forced Sex Phone Sex

Forced Sex Phone SexDo you ever fantasize about forced sex with a young girl? I enjoy sharing my forced sex fantasies with my callers who get off on the idea of forced sex phone sex.

I had a teenage babysitter, but she hardly payed any attention to me. She would take me to the park, and then would spend all her time texting her friends on her phone while I played with the other kids.

Some of the boys at the park were a little older than me, and dared me to take off my panties and show them my little bald pussy. I told them I would show them mine, if they showed me theirs! But a man walking his dog caught us with our pants down!

The boys ran off, but he grabbed me and demanded to know where my mother was. I told him she was working and I was there with my sitter over there on the bench. He glanced her way and saw she wasn’t paying any attention, and then pulled me back behind the bushes.

He asked if I liked looking at cocks. I didn’t know what he was talking about until he pulled out his cock and showed it to me. It was really big! Much bigger than the boys.

He said a curious little girl like me probably wouldn’t mind taking one in my mouth. I thought that sounded nasty and was going to say no, but he just grabbed the back of my head and shoved it down on his hard cock!

Before I knew it, he was force fucking my little mouth, even though I was gagging, with tears streaming down my face. He called me a dirty little slut and said that’s what happens to little sluts like me.

He just kept pumping it in and out of my mouth until he finally pulled out and sprayed sticky cum all over my little face before letting me go.

I tried to tell my sitter what had happened, but she didn’t listen at all, and just fussed at me for getting my jumper and face all sticky.

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