Underage Phone Sex Fantasy – We Can Role Play Any Age

underage pussy, underage sex, cum facialI know some men think it’s gross, but usually only after they come. *giggle*  What am I talking about?  Underage phone sex fantasy, that’s what!

You’re probably a regular guy.  Maybe marries or you have a girlfriend, but really young girls, well, they catch your eye. Its not a big deal if you think about underage pussy while you jerk off.  It’s just really fun and sexy, and I like to touch myself when I talk to you too.

Okay maybe the cute girl next door is getting under your skin.  She’s always around and teasing you.  You know she’s underage and taboo, but you’ve got to get off now.  That’s where I can help you out.  Actually I’ve been the bratty underage girl next door, so I can really get into that role. Hehe

This might be the fantasy.  You want to fuck that hot little mouth then give her a cum facial. Dudes love to see your girls with cum on their face! What’s up with that anyway? *giggle* I’ll love to be the barely legal tease you know you can’t have.

Or I could be the teen slut at the mall who will do absolutely anything for those expensive jeans I have my eye on. We can sneak into the dressing room for some pre shopping fun!

Maybe I’m the underage girl who teases you by giving you a pussy flash at the beach. It’s fun making your eyes bug out of your head when you see my tiny bald little cunny and you know I did it on purpose by that little smirk on my face. Too bad the family is with you. Maybe you can “go to the ice cream stand” and have a little fun on the sly.

There’s no limit to what we can do, so if you love underage phone sex fantasy as much as I do, then I’m the girl you want to call.

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